Days Between Dates

Calculate days between two dates and find out the exact number of days, hours and minutes.

Days Between Dates

All days between dates will be calculated.

How to Calculate Days Between Dates

  1. Enter the start date

    To get started, enter the start date from which the calculation will be made (today's date is initially displayed). Use the calendar for more convenient date selection.
  2. Enter the end date

    Enter the date by which you need to make a calculation. You can also use the settings to calculate only work days, or vice versa only weekends and holidays.
  3. Get the result

    Click the «Calculate» button and you will get the total number of days that can also be converted to different time units. Copy the result or link to the result if you want to share it.
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Key Features of Calculating Days Between Dates

Days Between Dates is a very simple and popular calculation. People often need to determine how many days between two different dates.

There may be a huge number of possible reasons for this. For example, you want to know how many days have passed since an event in your life. Or are you trying to find out how old a person is by just knowing his year and date of birth. Or maybe you can't wait and counting the remaining days to an important event for you?

In all these situations, a calculator of days between dates will help. To use it, simply enter the start and end dates and click the “Calculate” button. After that, you will instantly see the number of days separating the two specified dates. At the same time, for your convenience, you can also see how much it is in other units of time.

Now we will calculate how many days until Christmas. First, you need to input the current date, let’s assume that today is April 2nd and Christmas date is December 25th. After you select the start and end date, press the “Calculate” button. The result is 267 Days left (or 6,408 Hours / 384,480 Minutes / 23,068,800 Seconds).